Mahua Moitra expulsion from Lok Sabha

"BJP's Nishikant Dubey filed a complaint against Mahua Moitra, alleging she received cash and gifts from Darshan Hiranandani to pose questions against Adani in the Lok Sabha."

October 15

  -Expensive iPhone - Diamond and Emerald      jwellery - Scarves from Hermes and Louis     Vuitton - Salvatore Ferragamo 35       pairs of shoes. - Dozens of bottles of expensive     French Italian wine - Gucci bags - Berluti crocodile leather bag - Regular delivery of cash in      rupees and pounds

Mahua is fond of luxuries. Hiranandani gave him:

"Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla directs the complaint against Mahua Moitra to be forwarded to the Ethics Committee."

October 17

All this quid pro quo has been going on since 2018. In March 2020, Hiranandani paid Rs 75 lakh to Mahua In May 2021, Hiranandani paid Rs 2 crore to Mahua and asked him to target Adani.

"Hiranandani admits using Moitra's Parliament login for posting questions on the official site."

October 19

"Moitra admitted sharing her Parliament login with Hiranandani for assistance in uploading questions, clarifying that the questions were hers, and she did not receive cash for this favor."

October 25

The ethics committee report was tabled in the Lok Sabha for a debate. Mahua Moitra was expelled.

November 8